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The Agency for Employment and Recruitment IMIR JOBS offers personnel search and selection services on the orders of employers, as well as job search for applicants, we work in Uzbekistan, in the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East and in the European Union countries. We select unqualified personnel, specialists from Uzbekistan and from the countries of Central Asia. IMIR JOBS Recruitment Agency understands that the right employee can make a big difference in the success of your company. The IMIR JOBS team can help you find the right employee for you, who will have the appropriate qualifications and knowledge that are important to you. Our recruitment specialists are focused on finding a worker to meet the unique needs of your company.


  • Mass search and selection of personnel;
  • Selection of administrative staff, specialists and middle managers;
  • Selection of low-skilled staff;
  • Consultingon employment issues.


  • The exact cost of services is determined individually after the negotiations and depends on the level of complexity of the vacancy, urgency, duration of the warranty period, as well as the exclusivity of cooperation.
  • The standard warranty period for candidates who start work is up to 90 days in Latvia and 30 working days for abroad. The warranty period is determined for each order individually.
  • In case of termination of the company's cooperation with the candidate during the warranty period, regardless of who initiated it, an adequate free replacement is provided.
  • The recruitment company IMIR JOBS, tries to select a candidate as quickly as possible, if this does not affect the quality of the selection. We do not guarantee that we will close the vacancy in one day or we will select a candidate “for yesterday”, as this is a specific process, but we will make every effort to carry out the selection of personnel by 101%.


  • The optimal price for the selection of personnel;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Guaranteeourservices.


  • After telephone conversation with you, a staff member will transfer your order for personnel selectionto the consultant.
  • No later than within 1 day after your call, the consultant will contact you to arrange a meeting.
  • Discussion of customer needs and conditions of cooperation.
  • Consultation of the client on issues related to the vacancy (determination of the needs of the customer, analysis of the position and requirements for the candidate).
  • Collecting analytical information from the labor market.
  • Drafting a commercial proposal.
  • Signing a contract.

Resources for searching candidates:

  • Own database;
  • Specialized Internet websites;
  • Social networks;
  • Industry exhibitions;
  • Recommendations from clients and candidates;
  • Direct search among working professionals;
  • Own sources.

Candidate evaluation methods:

  • Interview by competence;
  • Situational interview;
  • Biographical interview;
  • Professional tests;
  • Personal questionnaires.

Representation of candidates to the client:

  • Providing CV of the most suitable candidates with comments;
  • Discussion of candidates’ CV with a client;
  • Organization of interviews, selected candidates from the client or in our office;
  • Collection of recommendations for candidates from previous jobs;
  • Choice by the client of the final candidate;
  • Assistance to the client in drawing up a proposal for the start of the job of the final candidate (Job offer, etc.);
  • Coordination of the procedure for entering the final candidate for the job;
  • Regular contact with the client and the candidate during the warranty period;
  • Subsequent consultation of the client on the selection, adaptation and evaluation of staff.

Search the staff and a reliable partner, send us a request or call +998951424211


Quite often, customs, tax and other government agencies, as well as registration of enterprises with foreign investments, require notarized translations of your documents.

When certifying a translation, the original document or its notarized copy is attached to a copy of the translation. On the last page of the translated document, the translator in the presence of the notary leaves his/her signature, and the notary confirms its authenticity.

To use your documents on the territory of foreign countries, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of their legalization in the country where they were issued.

First of all, the documents are notarized by authorized notaries, then at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The second stage is the legalization of documents in the consular office of the state to which they will be submitted.

To simplify the process of recognition of foreign documents, the special Convention was signedin 1961 in The Hague. It canceled the requirement to legalize foreign official documents for the states parties to the convention. According to The Hague Convention, a special stamp - apostille - is affixed to documents intended for the use on the territory of foreign states.

An apostille is a stamp that is affixed to documents drawn up by the official authorities of the countries that have signed The Hague Convention. On October 5, 1961 in The Hague, it was decided to abolish the requirements of mandatory legalization of foreign documents issued by official bodies. Instead of this complicated procedure, it is sufficient to affix the corresponding stamp.

LLC “IMIR GROUP”, previously referred to as “AVANGARD POLYGLOT”, provides high-quality translation services and has taken its position among the leading companies in the translation services market since 2016, providing translations from various CIS languages, as well as many European and Oriental languages.

Together, we can help you get rid of the hassle of paperwork. Because it is with our help that all your documents will be drawn up in accordance with the requirements that are now imposed on them by various bodies, and the simplicity and efficiency in accomplishing this task will allow you to avoid mistakes and delays

Visa support

Our team has an extensive experience in the visa and passport field, our company will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding obtaining a visa to any country.

We will not only help you quickly apply for a visa to the country of interest, but also organize a tourist or business trip to the region. We assess the chances of getting a visa and do everything so that the client gets it.

Consulting Services for Internship in France


CIF International Francophone Centers are a subsidiary of the French Lions Club. The Board of Directors consists of 16 members: the President and Directors representing each of the 15 districts.

Created in 1958 by Professor Pierre Fabre originally as "The Lions in Toulouse"


  • Development of international understanding among the Youth,
  • Development of French language and culture

The National Assembly in its report No. 3693 in the framework of the “Mission of Information on the French Language in the World” emphasized the important contribution of the French-speaking international centers, that is, the Lions Club in the development of the French language and culture.

Interns: 18 to 25 years old French speaking people from all continents

Activities during the internship: work on the topic defined by conferences, debates, visits; Presentation of own country, final show and final report under the supervision of a team of managers.

Duration: four weeks, including a week in the LIONS host family.

More than 9,500 interns representing 125 countries have now reached Amicale ( and work at CIF

Young people learn to understand their differences, share their common aspirations and so on, and respect each other.

How to become an intern?




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